About Me

     I’m sure it all started when I was young. I was a wild child or in other words a free spirit. I’m sure to my mother, I was a handful!  Although unbeknownst to her, it was she who inadvertently brought art into my life. She enrolled me in all the art and ballet classes she could afford, just to keep me busy and out of her hair.  I don’t think she expected for me to like it this much. I know I never expected to love what I do so much that I’d want to continue learning to improve on my skills.

     After high school, I enrolled in a local college and pursued a degree in Graphic Design. I realized that I enjoyed making projects, from brochures, designs, to photos. I have been creating and finishing projects since the first time I picked up my first paint brush, but professionally for 7 years.  I never expected to be accomplishing so many things on my own.

     I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I always thought I would grow up and move far away from my family, but I never did. As much as they drive me crazy, their MY family, and I love them.  Being close to them is important to me. When I’m not making the world prettier, you most likely will find me at home in my room sitting by my heater reading a book next to my pets, relaxing. That’s how I like to spend my down time. If it is a sunny weekend day, I’ll be up in the mountains hiking!

     In my spare time I love paying it forward, giving back to my community and volunteering. I love making posters, tickets, and photographing people (capturing special moments). Just seeing smiles is a pleasing feeling.

     I haven’t won any fancy awards or anything YET, but I did win a trophy for winning a tournament against my older sister in Jujitsu. I have a lot of pride and glory for that! – Michelle

Man in beanie hat with Mt. Rainier in the background.

My Mission

My mission is to share with people my talent and passion for art.  I want to help my clients bring their ideas and dream projects to reality.  I am well versed with working with many different personalities and pride myself on the ability to always meet my client’s needs and expectations.  I have experience working in different settings from private to education to government agencies.  I’m familiar with printed products such as mail outs, prom tickets, senior photos and website graphics.  I want to bring art to life!  I am always looking for the next project, will it be yours?

Making Art Memorable

Woman and Man kissing holding an ultrasound of baby.
Wedding bride, groom, and mother in law.